Development Client

Areas supported/provided consultancy

CARE Bangladesh

Value Chain Analysis, IGA Assessment, Entrepreneurship Training, Value Chain Analysis and Program Design Training, Linkage with Private Sector, Rural Distribution

IDE Bangladesh

Sub-sector study, Business Development Service (BDS) Assessment, Impact Assessment and Case studies


Project Evaluation, Publishing booklet on Value Chain Development


Value Chain assessment, Support Market Assessment

Save the Children USA

Sector Assessment


Value Chain Assessment

World Fish Cente

Market Assessment


Market-Based Program Strategy Development

VSO Bangladesh

Value chain study, Gender Mainstreaming in Economic Activities

Plan International, South Sudan

Value Chain based Program Development

Women for Women International, South Sudan

Value Chain Based Program Development, Private Sector Linkage, Business Plan Development

World Vision Afghanistan

Value Chain Assessment and Program Design

Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Services (SMEPS), Yemen

Value Chain Assessment and Program Design


Cross-country value chain assessment of five agricultural subsector in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran; Livelihood assessment of Returnees/IDPs in Afghanistan; Designing a Local Economic Development Project in Ghor province of Afghanistan

DfID/SuNMaP, Nigeria

Market Assessment of anti-malarial drugs and diagnostic tools

Oxfam-GB, Bangladesh

Value chain expertise support to M&E of REECALL project

PIND Foundation, Nigeria

Management consultancy


2014.Feasibility Study on Labour Market Information System for Blue Collar Job Seekers in Bangladesh.The feasibility study is to see the potentiality and viability of a labour market information system (LMIS) for blue collar job seekers in Bangladesh and to develop a business plan for LMIS.


2014.Market appraisal for financial service provision in agri-machineries.EDGE assessed potential financial service providers and value chain financing models and provided recommendation on a scalable and viable business model.

Swisscontact -Katalyst

2014-2015.EDGE conducted the Scoping for Gender Mainstreaming in Maize Value Chain.The objective of the study was to scope out the opportunity to enhance the role of female farmers and labors in maize production by understanding the gender dynamics and comparative advantage for women in maize sector, especially in North area.


2013.EDGE conducted an evaluation and Documentation of market system change of Char Market Development initiative (CMDI) project. The main objective of the assignment was to capture of change in the market system covering all level of the value chain actors (private company, mainland dealer, CIDs, ISPs, Paiker, business group members (LBGs and FBGs) and other (if any) in the livestock and fodder markets.


2014-2015.Finance for Enterprise Development and Employment Creation (FEDEC) Project FEDEC project is very much in line with IFAD’s country strategy as well as the PRSP of the government of Bangladesh where pro-poor growth is the main theme. Since, majority of the poor people live in rural areas, promoting the growth of numerous micro-enterprises in the rural and peri-urban setting can contribute to the rural economy as well as creation of jobs for the rural poor with sustained year-round income. EDGE was part of the team which conducted the Project Performance Assessment.

Katalyst Swisscontact

2014-2015. Need assessment on research facilities and PGDRD courses of Rural Development Academy (RDA) As a part of the capitalisation strategy, Katalyst plans to support institutions in leveraging their ongoing work on inclusive development. One such organization is Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra, established in 1974 as a specialized rural development institution for training, research and action research.One of the study objective was to study and analyze the research demand of private sector agribusiness entities, NGOs and development community that can be addressed by RDA facilities. Second objective was to to analyze the different criterion required by the private sector, NGOs and development community for employing the PGDRD graduates and the skills required for entrepreneurship to capture the rural market.


2014. EDGE conducted the assessment of potential market impact following PRAN and Tetra Pak's promotion of Milk Hubs in selected locations in Bangladesh. The assessment will also unfold potential market distortion (if any) vis a vis opportunity to create competitiveness among the lead market players.


M4P Subsection Analysis in Poultry, Pigeon and Sunflower.iDE-PROSHAR seeks to promote and incorporate the M4P approach through its interventions among the beneficiaries of the PROSHAR project. In order to achieve the goal of creating and strengthening market linkages for the section of the demography most neglected, iDE-PROSHAR has been pursuing to implement initiatives that will empower the ultra-poor and poor producers to increase their incomes and enhance their livelihoods. EDGE conducted a market research in poultry, sunflower and pigeon sub- sector for inclusion of lead firms to strengthen the thin markets in Sarankhola.


Market analysis for Maize based Starch production,demand and supply analysis in Bangladesh. The study developed an insight on the market size, market demand of maize based starch in various sectors of Bangladesh along with a brief understanding of the relevant key stakeholders, policy framework etc.

CONCERN Universal

Concern Universal – Bangladesh (CUB) is a UK-based INGO working in Bangladesh since 1991 with the vision to see a world where justice, dignity and respect prevail for all. Concern Universal has been implementing the Cross-border Transfer of Agricultural technologies, Institutional and Market Development project n Jamalpur district of Bangladesh and six districts of Assam, India. EDGE will assess the impact of the project in terms of increasing income, nutritional situation, improved agricultural technologies adoption and improved marketing opportunities as well as more sustainable livelihoods of the targeted households and of the different stakeholders in the project

Association of Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs, Bangladesh

Develop and Provide technical and financial proposal for Skills for employment Investment Project


EDGE worked with CSISA-MI project of iDE to: (1) develop financial management curriculum for r LSPs (local service provid-ers), (2) facilitate financial management training for LSPs,building their capacity to develop loan repayment plans, (3) increase project staff capacity (4) monitor trainees as they implement loan repayment plans, and (5) generate lessons about the financial management support needed by the LSPs

Private Sector Client

Areas supported/provided consultancy

Superior Footwear Company Limited
Export oriented footwear company based in Dhaka EPZ

Production Planning, Export Linkage, Marketing, Compliance and Certification

Unimart Trade International Export oriented
agro processing company

Contract farming, Production Planning, Buyer Linkage

CAFÉ Fusion

Marketing and Promotion

CEAF Bangladesh, Venture Capital Firm

Feasibility study of potential clients


EDGE worked in partnership with Aarong to develop an in-house comprehensive training program mechanism and build the business management capacity of its Independent Producers (IPs) and their artisans in the 4 selected product categories of Aarong.