The Overbearing Third Bottom Line and Social Enterprises
Mohd Fahad Ifaz

The increasingly pressing reality in social enterprise is that no matter what specific sector a business operates in, its long-term success depends largely on the outcomes of climate change. While the precise nature of these outcomes may remain a topic of debate, the overwhelming consensus is that they will impact the world’s poorest and most vulnerable most dramatically. Food and water shortages, displacement, and devastation due to increasingly volatile natural disasters are among those most likely to hit the world’s poor with accelerated frequency and magnitude in the coming decades. With most of these already showing signs of presence, social entrepreneurs might find it prudent to consider how they will affect their own long-term impact

Exploiting the potential of ICT in blue collar job market
Labour Market Information system for Blue collar job seekers

Access to information on job opportunities is vital to creating an efficient and vibrant labour market in any economy. Asymmetric information on labour demand and supply also opens up room for exploitation. Hence, an information sharing platform, called Labour Market Information System (LMIS), which caters to the employer as well as the job seekers, will certainly lead to a more efficient labour market. EDGE has conducted market research to explore the feasibility of an LMIS platform based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with focus on blue collar jobs. According to the surveyed job seekers, the major source for job information is currently friends and family. Of those currently employed 40% learned about their current job from a friend. Specifically, respondents holding a job in Dhaka learned about their current job from their friends (42%), neighbors (37%) and family members (27%) meaning the main source of information was “word of mouth”. EDGE will be launching a Blue Collar Job Information system soon ! To learn more about this please email us at

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Pumpkin Value Chain
Pumpkins carve a niche for the farmers

Pumpkin has been a major crop for farmers in the chars, however they are constrained with lack of hybrid varieties, investment, technical knowledge and marketing.

EDGE was founded by its present chairman Mr. Khairul Islam in 2008. He is a renowned international expert in the field of M4P, management consultancy, training, research, program design, implementation and project evaluation. He also is an accomplished entrepreneur and has several other ventures. While pursuing his other ventures, EDGE as a firm was not taking off. However as an individual consultant his skills and expertise was flourishing and was being attached to important organizations and projects.

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