Lightning Protection System


Lightning Protection System

If You Are Looking For World –Leading Lightning Protection, Look  No  Further  Than  The Edge Engineering designing a lightning protection system is far from simple. The requirements vary from building  to  building and   protection   system   options   are   several. For   lightning   protection,  we   follow   several  renowned International standards like NFPA 780, BS EN/IEC 62305, NFC 17-102 as the world there  have  two  types of lighting protection methods are prominent. We  May  Offer  You  Conventional  as  well  as  Smart  Lightning Protection(ESE) Solutions As A Turnkey Basis.

  • Lightning Risk Assessment
  • Design, Materials & Installation of
  • Conventional Lightning Protection Systems
  • Design, Materials & Installation of Early
  • Streamer Emission (ESE)
  • Design, Materials & Installation of Ground


  • Earthing Systems
  • Soil Resistivity Surveys
  • Ground Earthing Resistance Test
  • Maintenance of Existing Installations
  • Materials & Accessories
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

A faster system than Franklin Passive Rod is ESE Air Terminal which creates an upward propagation streamer for  creating  a  path  for  lightning. This   has   a   higher  protection  area  then a  conventional  Franklin  Rod. The  protection   radius   is  calculated  according  to  Annex  C in  French  standard  NF C 17-102. For OPR 60, 
limiting the value of ∆T used in the protection radius calculations to  60 µs (limited 60 µs in accordance with the paragraph 5.2.2 of the NF C 17-102 standard). 

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