Energy Audit Flue Gas Analysis


Energy Audit Flue Gas Analysis

Energy Audit

An energy audit is a process of  evaluating  the  energy  usage  of  a  building, Plant  or  facility  and  identifying areas  where  energy  efficiency  improvements  can  be  made. The  objective  of an energy audit is to identify areas  of  energy  waste  and  recommend energy-efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Process of Energy Audit

  1. Gathering data
  2. On-site inspection
  3. Analysis
  4. Recommendations
  5. Reporting

Flue Gas Analysis

A probe is inserted  into the flue of a  boiler,  furnace, or  other  appliance  between  the  last  heat  exchanger and draft diverter, or in  other words, any  source  of make-up air that  may  enter  the  flue  but  did  not  pass through the combustion process, in order to conduct a flue gas analysis.

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