Solar Testing Service


Solar Testing Service

Solar  testing  service  is  a  type  of  service  that  involves  testing  the  performance   and  reliability   of  solar panels  and  other  solar  energy  systems. This  type  of service  is provided  by  Edge  Engineering  as  we  are specialized in solar  energy  and  have   the   necessary   equipment  and  expertise   to  conduct  various  tests 
on  solar  panels  and   related   equipment. The  purpose  of  solar   testing   is  to   ensure  that  solar   energy systems  are  operating  efficiently  and  effectively, and to  identify  any   issues  or   potential   problems   that may affect their performance. Some of the common  types of  tests  conducted  during  solar  testing  include.


Solar Testing

  1. Performance testing 
  2. Durability testing 
  3. Safety testing 
  4. Electrical testing
  5. Polarity testing 
  6. Voltage Drop testing 
  7. Continuity Test

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