Annual inspection service in Bangladesh


Annual inspection service in Bangladesh

Annual inspections are the first layer of protection against equipment and process inefficiencies, as well as destructive equipment failure, maintenance, and downtime. Routine inspections are the most effective and cost-effective preventive maintenance for extending the life of your equipment while maintaining operational efficiency and uptime. As a result, our Customer Service Team provides annual inspection Services. Transformer and switchgear have to be maintained properly for minimize the fire hazard and unplanned shut down for a factory. In Bangladesh
NIRAPON, RSC & Elevate propose a maintenance interval of one year, which sometimes called an Annual inspection. The maintenance guideline are followed by NFPA 70B standard.

  1. Transformer Test & inspection
  2. VCB Test & inspection
  3. ACB Test & inspection
  4. MCCB Test

An electrical annual inspection, also known as an electrical safety inspection, is a routine examination of a building's electrical systems and components conducted once a year. This inspection is essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and compliance of electrical installations with relevant codes and standards. Qualified electricians or inspectors typically perform this assessment, and it involves a thorough examination of:

  1. Wiring and Circuits: Inspecting the wiring, circuits, and junction boxes to check for wear, damage, or loose connections that could lead to electrical hazards.

  2. Electrical Panels: Evaluating the condition of electrical panels, circuit breakers, and fuses to ensure they are functioning correctly and not overloaded.

  3. Outlets and Switches: Testing outlets, switches, and receptacles to verify proper operation and identify any potential issues like exposed wires or faulty connections.

  4. Grounding and Bonding: Ensuring that the electrical system is properly grounded and bonded to prevent electrical shocks and fires.

  5. Lighting Fixtures: Checking lighting fixtures for signs of wear, damage, or outdated technology, and confirming they are appropriately installed and safe to use.

  6. Safety Devices: Inspecting the presence and functionality of safety devices such as GFCI outlets and AFCI circuit breakers, which help protect against electrical shocks and fires.

  7. Electrical Appliances: Assessing the condition of electrical appliances to identify potential safety concerns, such as damaged cords or faulty components.

  8. Code Compliance: Verifying that the electrical system complies with local and national electrical codes and regulations.

  9. Records and Documentation: Maintaining records of the inspection findings, any necessary repairs or recommendations, and the date of the inspection for future reference.

Regular electrical annual inspections are crucial for preventing electrical accidents, reducing the risk of electrical fires, and ensuring the overall safety and reliability of the electrical infrastructure in homes, businesses, and other facilities. Addressing any identified issues promptly helps maintain a safe and efficient electrical system.

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